Highway Rail

AF&PA supports making critical improvements to America’s transportation efficiency by safely increasing the maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) on federal interstate highways with an additional axle. An increase in the maximum allowable weight of six-axle semi-trailers is an effective and safe way to increase truck productivity and America's freight capacity. Technology improvements and stronger roads and bridges make it safe for each truck to carry more freight. It would also mitigate the current transportation capacity shortage that inhibits moving raw materials to mills and products to customers.

AF&PA also supports legislation to reform the Surface Transportation Board to effectively address rail service challenges for shippers. Rail customers are not receiving reliable rail service at reasonable rates. Nearly one-third of forest products facilities have access to only one rail carrier. The railroad industry has an obligation to serve its customers and the nation’s freight rail needs, but many see their monopoly status as an opportunity to charge excessive rates while providing poor service.