Forest Products' Ever-present Value to Our Lives


“America's forests have defined the landscapes of our country's natural beauty for centuries, and protecting them is imperative to preserving our world for future generations. In addition to providing renewable energy, wildlife habitat, soil health, local foods, and water, they purify the air we breathe and support an industry that employs more than one million Americans. Each day, we use a wide range of forest products -- from the wood in our homes to the paper we write on to the packaging that protects our food, medicine, and other goods we rely on. During National Forest Products Week, we recognize the ways in which our Nation's forests contribute to our livelihood and recommit to ensuring their health and stability for centuries to come.”

- President Barack Obama

Official Proclamation of National Forest Products Week, 2015
October 16, 2015  

Forest products are essential components of modern life. They are made from a renewable resource — trees. They encompass an incredibly wide range of products with nearly limitless everyday uses from facilitating education, communications, hygiene, food storage, and product protection to providing shelter and homes. New and innovative forest products are being developed while constant improvements are made to existing products.  AF&PA is proud to represent the paper and wood product manufacturers who create and deliver these products to people across the country and around the world.


     •    Books
    •    Cards
    •    Catalogs
    •    Envelopes and business paper
    •    Magazines
    •    Official documents
    •    Posters


   •    Cereal boxes
   •    Food packaging
   •    Milk cartons
   •    Paper Bags
   •    Shoe boxes
   •    Shipping and moving boxes
   •    Shipping sacks

 •    Decking
 •    Fiberboard
 •    Joists
 •    Lumber
 •    Particleboard
 •    Plywood