Energy Policies Essential to Competitiveness

Paper and wood products manufacturers are leaders in the generation and use of renewable energy and highly-efficient combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration technology.

  • Our facilities account for 62 percent of the renewable biomass energy consumed by all manufacturing sector facilities.
  • Our mills produce one third of the CHP electricity generated by manufacturing facilities.
  • 98.5 percent of electricity produced by the industry is CHP-generated.

Nonetheless, purchased energy is a major cost for the industry with almost $9 billion spent in 2016.

AF&PA supports policies that:

  • Reduce costs by encouraging fuel diversity, increasing access to supplies both on and offshore, investing in breakthrough technologies and promoting conservation.
  • Encourage power generation from highly-efficient energy sources, such as CHP facilities.
  • Fairly compensate demand response resources, which are a cost-effective way to reduce electricity demand and reduce costs for rate payers.