​ Farm Bill Priorities One-Pager


Farm Bill Reauthorization Includes Forest Benefits

Sustainability in the forest products industry is built on the sustainability of our nation’s forests. These Farm Bill programs encourage the sustainable management of our nation’s public and private forest resource.

During the 2018 Farm Bill reauthorization process, we support:

  • Full implementation of the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program. FIA provides essential forest data that allows assessment of the sustainability, health and availability of the forest resource.
  • Reauthorization of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), which has led to reforestation of over three million acres of land.
  • Reauthorization of Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQUIP) and maintaining funding for the forestry component of the program.
  • Requirement of 10-year updates of the State Forest Action Plans and establishing funding to assist state agencies.
  • Reauthorization of the Plant Pest and Disease Management and Disaster Prevention Program. This program helps build and preserve critical plant health initiatives and mitigates invasive species damage.

We oppose:

  • Mandates and incentives that seek to direct the flow of biomass to specific uses because these distort markets. When governments take action to encourage new renewable energy production, they should treat all biomass users equally to avoid unintended harm to jobs, existing renewable energy production and the economy.


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