New Office has an Old Story to Tell

Jan 30, 2014

 By Dianne Peck
 Senior Director, Office Services & IT Support

  In November, AF&PA moved into newly-built office space. After more
  than a year of collaboration with architects, project managers,
  contractors, etc., construction was finished. Our new ‘home’ was
functional and absolutely beautiful!

 There are many amazing design elements in our new office, but the one I want to highlight first is the reclaimed hardwood floor which extends from our elevator lobby, through our reception area, and all the way up an accent wall.

I had never heard of reclaimed wood before – had no idea what to expect.  Let me tell
you, it is stunning.  The wood used in our office is Granary Oak which was, as I prefer to think of it, ‘rescued’ from old barns. 

I was so intrigued, I did a little research.  I learned that in the early part of the 19th century, farmers built their barns from whatever trees grew closest to their property.  A barn could contain a blend of Oak, Chestnut, Poplar, Hickory or Pine.  Beam sizes were limited to what could be moved by man and horse. 

While our flooring is all reclaimed oak, the colors are varied as are the width and length of the wooden planks.  Some pieces have a very smooth surface; others are very rustic. 

I read that every floor created from reclaimed wood has a story to tell. While we will never know the story of our floor, I am content that it is no longer a part of an old, neglected barn in an overgrown field somewhere.  It has a new life at AF&PA where it will be admired by staff and guests for many years to come.