Recognizing Member Sustainability Leadership and Innovation

Mar 21, 2014
  By Katie Missimer
  Coordinator, Public Policy

   In 2012, the 37-year old AF&PA Energy and Environment Awards
   became the Better Practices, Better Planet 2020 Awards, with
   award categories aligned with Better Practices’ six sustainability
   goals. The move towards recognizing improvements beyond just
   those in energy or environmental performance followed a
   general industry trend to incorporate the broader aspects of sustainability,
   including economic and social aspects.

The awards program has two categories. The “Leadership in Sustainability” awards recognize companies’ achievements towards meeting one of the sustainability goals:  paper recovery for recycling, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, sustainable forest management, safety and water. The “Innovation in Sustainability” award recognizes sustainability efforts that are not necessarily captured in one of the sustainability goals, such as an innovative product design.  To see previous winners and the sustainability achievements for which they are recognized, go to  

The awards are judged by an impartial committee of industry and non-industry experts who represent customers, non-profits and federal agencies. The judges take into consideration not just environmental or energy benefits (such as water use reduction or reduction in greenhouse gas emissions), but also the cost/benefits of the project, the impact it has on the community and customers, and the ability of the project to be replicable throughout the forest products industry.

The 2014 award winners will be announced this fall. Stay tuned!