This Mother's Day, Say it with Paper

May 08, 2014

By Jessica McFaul, Director, Communication and Press Secretary
and Anna Harris, Manager, Communications

We all love getting promotions, and in 2013, four of us here at AF&PA were given the most prestigious title of all: Mom! (Donna Harman herself would agree.)

Working here, we understand better than most the role that paper  plays in our everyday lives, but the last year has given us an elevated appreciation for the products our members make. From the tissue that wiped our tears of joy at the first ultrasound, to the boxes of gifts that arrived on our doorsteps, to the paper with babies’ first footprints, and the disposable diapers of which we’re so fond, paper left an indelible mark on our families before we even made those first long car rides home.

And when we arrived home with these beautiful creatures, we wondered how anyone trusted us to take this new job, but paper was there also to support us. Perhaps most importantly with that terrifying first illness – thank goodness the box the medicine came in clearly showed the difference between “Infant” and “Childrens”! And thank goodness the hospital sent us home with printed instructions, and the pharmacy included printed information in that paper sack full of necessities, and so on and so forth, because after not sleeping for 36 hours, who can even think, much less remember how to properly administer three different medications to a screaming baby?

As we celebrate the end of cold and flu season and approach our first Mother’s Day, paper once again has the opportunity to save the day – this time, for Dad! Some of the best gifts come on paper, and there are many budget and space-friendly options, including:

  • Cards, store-bought or homemade (preferably accompanying breakfast in bed)
  • Printed, framed photographs of the family for home or office (wood frame, anyone?)
  • Homemade artwork – a splatter of paint with fingerprints in it looks like Picasso to us
  • Custom stationary with Mom’s initials or maybe even some new family stationary
  • A journal to track all of the developmental milestones to come
  • A good book for the beach with summer approaching
  • Subscriptions to mom-friendly magazines like Real Simple or Parents (or if you keep your eyes open, you may see other gift hints in open magazines lying around the house!)

But a word of caution, Dad: although we love your practicality and creativity, don’t even think about getting us a case of diapers and saying, “But you wanted a paper gift!”

On second thought…maybe that’s not such a bad idea.