Celebrate National Teacher Day! #ThankATeacher

Apr 30, 2015
By Gretchen Spear
Director, Packaging and Government Affairs

May 5th is National Teacher Day. If you’re able to read this, thank a teacher!

Teachers not only teach us how to read; they teach us how to write, add and subtract, express our creativity, and develop countless other skills that improve our quality of life and enable us to make our dreams come true.

Paper products play an important role in learning and teaching. To demonstrate the benefits of paper-based packaging, The Responsible Package® supplies teachers and their students with fun and interactive educational materials. Its curriculum for fifth grade students supports the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) initiative as well as the new Next General Science Standards.

The materials, which were developed in partnership with Kaleidoscope Marketing Group, provide teachers and students with an understanding of why paper-based packaging is a responsible choice for consumers and build awareness about responsible consumer behavior regarding paper-based packaging. Additionally, the program includes a set of activities to let students and their families learn more about paper-based packaging and recycling at home.

To download The Responsible Package® curriculum to use in school or at home, visit http://theresponsiblepackage.com/youth-education-materials.

Let’s thank all of the teachers who inspired and encouraged us! #ThankATeacher

The Responsible Package® is an initiative by paper-based packaging associations to promote the positive environmental benefits of paper-based packaging.