We Put the Products in Forest Products: Celebrating National Forest Products Week

Oct 20, 2015
By Donna Harman
President & CEO

National Forest Products Week. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It does to us, because it is AF&PA’s members who put the ‘products’ in Forest Products. Paper and wood products continually communicate and inform, provide shelter, package and deliver society’s necessities and capture life’s memorable moments.

Here at the American Forest & Paper Association, we are proud to represent the paper and wood manufacturers who make those wonderful products so necessary to our daily lives. Our industry is built on a legacy of innovation and development in both the products we make and how we make them. Approximately 900,000 men and women comprise a highly skilled workforce. Our impact to the economy is realized across the country as we are a top 10 manufacturer in 47 states.

The vast majority of us are consumers of paper and wood products. From cups and plates, to books, magazines and catalogues, to cereal boxes and milk cartons, to bags of all kinds, to moving and shipping boxes, to homes, floors and furniture – paper and wood products provide a value that is unmatched across so many needs.

These products are made from renewable, carbon-neutral biomass. Our nation’s forests are kept healthy and replanted thanks to strong markets for forest products. It is this kind of deep rooted belief in sustainable business practices that led us to proactively set goals across a number of areas to improve our performance. Our members have taken this step in addition the host of government regulations under which our facilities operate. AF&PA supports market-based policies that foster economic growth, job creation and international competitiveness for our sector. We believe public policies are most effective when they meet environmental concerns, economic needs and societal expectations of our diverse communities.

The paper and wood products manufacturers of this country are second to none in creating and delivering products we’ve come to expect. Our members create family wage jobs and are an integral part of communities coast to coast. So, this week especially, join us to celebrate the value of forest products and the people who make them. Celebrate Forest Products!