All About AF&PA’s Tissue Sector

Mar 16, 2016
Foley_Cathy-WebBy Cathy Foley
Group Vice President

AF&PA’s Tissue Sector is up and running! In June 2014, AF&PA established a tissue sector comprised of U.S. companies that make tissue products, including facial tissue, bathroom tissue, paper towels and napkins. Tissue Sector members have access to information and data related to the industry, and work on legislative and advocacy issues with AF&PA’s experts on topics like energy, transportation, false claims and trade. Sector members determine which issues to work on and how to allocate resources to achieve their goals.

The Tissue Sector is growing, and the value of an investment in AF&PA membership is significant to tissue companies. AF&PA already works on many of the issues that affect tissue manufacturers, and now the sector provides a forum for industry leaders to focus on issues that may be specific to tissue.

For example, AF&PA and the sector were recently able to address concerns around enforcement of OSHA guidelines on combustible dust. Through comments to OSHA and development of a one-page document to be used in mills, they ensured staffs are aware of the guidelines and how tissue dust is measured. In addition, AF&PA and the sector successfully addressed claims made on restroom hand dryers in a mall that were in direct conflict with the known hygiene benefits of paper towels over hand dryers. 

In addition to issue-based work, AF&PA is developing materials to provide information and messaging about the positive attributes of tissue and the advancements in the industry that support the sustainable nature of tissue products.

If your company manufactures tissue, AF&PA would love to talk to you about its work and how you can engage as a member of the tissue sector to shape the policies that AF&PA advocates for on your behalf. For more information, contact