Celebrating Your First Year of Marriage #WithPaper

Jun 09, 2016
P+PB-Sr.-Public-Relations-Manager-Joan-Sahlgren-8x10-WEB​By Joan Sahlgren
​Senior Public Relations Manager
​Paper + Packaging Board

As thousands of couples prepare to walk down the aisle in June, the summer month of weddings, thousands more are approaching their first anniversary – the Paper Anniversary.

To help newlyweds celebrate their Paper Anniversary – and remind them of the role paper and packaging play in creating stronger connections, Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds™ launched a campaign in October, another popular wedding month, inviting couples married for a year to enter a contest for a chance to win a second honeymoon.

The conversation kicked off with a custom box mailed to 10,000 newlyweds celebrating their first year of marriage in 2015. The box included a paper seed-card to plant in honor of the couple’s anniversary, a free custom book coupon from Shutterfly and contest information.

More than 2,200 couples submitted a photo and story about how paper or packaging played an important role in their marriage. The stories were told with everything from a care package for a mate celebrating while serving overseas, moving boxes celebrating a signed mortgage, or photos of the happy day. Sometimes this first year was even celebrated with sonograms, birth certificates or baby’s first foot-prints.

Contestant Brooke Geer submitted the winning entry, and she and husband Travis were treated to an all-expense-paid trip to Maui in May.

The conversation continued as celebrity influencers such as Lance Bass, Lauren Kennedy Scruggs and Candace Accola weighed in on social media creating millions of impressions, while a Buzzfeed video, Paper Anniversary Hacks, celebrating great ideas for a Paper Anniversary generated more than 1,800,000 views. (Can you guess what all the ideas have in common?)

June, followed closely by October, may be the time for wedding bells, but now we know that they mean first paper anniversaries, too, with the emphasis on ‘paper.’ Our survey revealed that 77 percent of Americans still print out their wedding photos, and 73 percent save some paper or packaging from their wedding day for sentimental reasons or reuse. Fully 71 percent of married Americans considered a congratulatory gesture on paper (a card or postal package) to be the most meaningful. So, when it’s time to celebrate your first anniversary, or your 50th, let paper help you celebrate! www.howlifeunfolds.com