Parenting #withpaper

Oct 17, 2016


Jorrian-TEMPBy Jorrian Whaley
Coordinator, Communications

From pictures that hold memories of a 1st birthday to the diploma hanging on the wall, AF&PA employees at all different stages of parenthood can agree that paper products have helped shaped their experiences at home immensely and can’t imagine doing their jobs as parents without it.

 “Twelve-hour diapers allowed our family to sleep through the night and helped us survive many cross country flights and road trips. I can’t imagine chasing after a toddler during cold and flu season without tissues, and pull ups helped my son gain some independence while keeping the laundry manageable. And what would I do without paper towels and wipes? Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.”

– Elizabeth VanDersarl, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives Read Full Blog

“My son and I came to appreciate each other’s approaches to enhancing a baseball card collection without spending a lot of money. What we gained was an everlasting connection through our love of baseball cards.”

– Stan Lancey, Chief Economist Read Full Blog

“Although my son is a happy member of the ‘Digital Generation’, his life continues to be improved, chronicled, and supported by physical things like paper. As a mother, I am so grateful for the tangible mementos he leaves in his wake. The college acceptance letter and graduation memorabilia will certainly join his early artwork; his cute short stories; and his handmade Mothers’ Day cards in my box of treasured keepsakes.

To be clear, though, I wouldn’t mind if some of the less-treasured items were to find their way to another box—the recycling bin! I join the eternal chorus of mothers everywhere when I say “Clean your room!”

– Karen Hibdon, Director, Statistics Read Full Blog

What is nicer than a text on Mother’s Day from your kids? A card. One made out of paper. In a paper envelope. With a paper stamp.

I love to get mail, especially with the promise of a handwritten note. My kids know I want a card on Mother’s Day that I can hold in my hands.”

– Caroline Nealon, Executive Director, Paper Group & Statistics Read Full Blog

“My 18-month old daughter loves her books. The big thick cardboard ones she can grab and hold and turn the pages. (And more importantly, not rip!) She’s figured out how to swipe and tap on my phone and tablet, and always asks to play with “Dada pone.” But no electronic device will replace the real thing.”

– Erik Heilman, Director, Government Affairs Read Full Blog

Even though it might not always be the most glamorous job in the world, it will always be the most rewarding, and with the help of all the different types of paper products  it can be made just a little easier each day as well.

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