Paper for the Pets

Oct 22, 2016

NFPW Caturday Blog

Scheer_Amy-WebBy Amy Scheer-Till
Manager, Digital Communications

Pets bring a lot of joy to your life — they’re cute, furry members of the family! But they can also be messy. Anyone who has walked a dog in the rain knows that if you want to maintain a clear separation between indoors and outdoors, paws must be wiped and fur dried before they venture too far inside. And as someone who shares her home with a cat who favors projectile vomiting, there are plenty of messes that I simply do not need to remember. In those moments of clean-up, hygiene is my priority and tissue is my top choice. I am so grateful to use a paper towel to clean up the mess knowing that in doing so I am supporting a sustainable U.S. manufacturing industry.

In fact, paper and wood products play a huge part in my life as a pet owner. My cats use a sawdust litter, which is sold in paper shipping sacks, which I recycle. My cats love corrugated cat scratchers and one of their favorite toys is made of corrugating medium, which luckily save me from having to buy new furniture. Any boxes and packaging that deliver my online purchases have been good for the cats because that means more boxes for them to play in! It’s a win-win when I receive packages in the mail.

With the help of all the paper and wood products that we use everyday, I can be confident that my family, including all my furry children, supports the continued success of our sustainable industry.