Value of Paper Still Holds Strong in the Modern Wedding

May 31, 2017
By Kate Weintraub
Communications Coordinator

As a millennial who grew up with technology at my fingertips, I’d like to take the start of the summer season to highlight a tradition that, in my book, remains relatively unaffected by the digital age. We’re at the start of wedding season, and the role and value of paper in weddings holds strong.

From the start of planning to the wedding day itself, paper plays a central role. The choice to invest in postage and send out formal save-the-dates and invitations sets the tone for the big event. Furthermore, it sends the message to guests that the event significant to the couple getting married, and the respective guest’s RSVP is important. According to, a website dedicated to providing support and guidance to brides-to-be, proper etiquette in 2017 is still to send out paper invitations.

Another significant aspect of marriage that showcases the value of paper is the marriage certificate. This is a step couples cannot skip in order to be legally married – an action still necessary in the digital age. Similar to other legal documents, such as a birth certificate or passport, the marriage certificate is one of the most significant and important items someone will obtain throughout their lifetime.

At the wedding reception, the value of paper cannot be underestimated. Streamers, centerpieces and other decorations are often paper-based. The traditional guestbook serves as a check-in, record of attendance and memento for the couple for the rest of their lives.

Finally, similar to save-the-dates and invitations, post marking thank you cards to guests sends a distinct message of gratitude and thoughtfulness. Despite the temptation to save time by sending out an email, I don’t think there will ever come a point that people do not appreciate a hand written thank you note.

Looking into the future, I hope the choice to adhere to wedding traditions that include paper will rise. Mailing invitations, pulling together a scrapbook, looking at the guest book, and writing thank you notes all contribute to the specialness of marriage.  I know I have enjoyed participating in these traditions as my friends and family members have gotten married and hope to carry them out at my own wedding one day.