Paper Tissue Tackles Football and Flu Season!

Sep 07, 2017

Robin_Akilah-WebBy Akilah Robin
Manager, Paper Group

Paper cups – check.
Paper plates – check.
Oh no, I can’t believe we forgot the paper towels!

While tailgating at your favorite team’s game, you and your friends lament over forgetting paper towels, and quickly realize the unintended consequences of not having them. Spills and sticky barbecue hands are expected and paper towels and napkins seem to be the best remedy. And though September is the beginning of football season, trailing closely behind is cold and flu season in October.

Many people like soft facial tissues to take care of a runny nose, high-quality napkins to prevent spills and soils on clothing, and paper towels to clean up messes. Whatever your preference, paper tissue products are best to help you tackle the season because they are:

1.)    Essential. Paper tissue products are customized to enhance daily life. The average person will use more than ten paper towels, tissues or napkins per day. Just think: what would your daily activities be like without these convenient and easy-to-use paper tissue products?

2.)    Durable. Paper towels are lightweight and made out of paper pulp – the more layers of pulp, the stronger. Since paper towel sheets are loosely woven, water is able to be absorbed into towels’ fibers (even against gravity!). Want to test the strength of your favorite paper towel brand? Soak a paper towel in water and have two people hold each side. Carefully place coins, one by one, onto the paper towel. How many coins can it support until it tears?

3.)    Hygienic. While hand dryers spray yucky germs, studies show that paper towels used for hand drying minimize germs on hands due to friction and their one-time use. The industry has even developed types of tissue and paper towels that contain anti-viral additives to kill germs and help prevent the spread of viruses. Proper disposal of used tissues and paper towels ensure germs from that nasty cold aren’t spread – something that all parents and schoolteachers can appreciate!

Whether you prefer two-ply or three-ply, now is the time to stock-up on your favorite paper tissue products to make your tailgate party a success, and to keep hands and noses clean, happy and healthy.

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