Take a Look at AF&PA’s New Grassroots Website!

Nov 02, 2017
By Laura Pickard
Manager, PAC & Grassroots

As a Virginia resident, I’ll be voting Tuesday, Nov. 7 to choose the next governor of our state in that hotly-contested election. I know where to vote. Do you?

And, as a stakeholder of the paper and wood products industry, I’ll be sending a letter to my legislators to encourage them to pass comprehensive tax reform. The U.S. Congress is debating this key issue now and may vote on it soon. Do you know how to contact your legislators to express your views on the top issues that impact our industry?

If not, I know where you can go to check! The answer: Our newly designed grassroots website, GrowtheVote.org.

Working with the Business Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC), we’ve customized the content to provide some of the successful tools that we have used before to engage our grassroots contacts over the years.

From this comprehensive site, you’ll be able to access information on letter-writing campaigns, legislator scorecards, voting instruction and location details and background on our industry’s priority issues. You’ll also find bill tracking capabilities, daily insightful columns on what is going on in Washington and on the campaign trail and helpful Government 101 resources.

But, we don’t plan on stopping there. Additional tools, including PAC information and an asset tracking tool are in the works!

We encourage everyone to take a look at GrowtheVote.org, especially if you plan to vote on Nov. 7 or have an interest in or question about the current tax reform debate or are looking for information on other issues.