Holiday Must-Makes with Tissue Paper

Dec 07, 2017

By Matiiapa Chindori-Chininga
​Coordinator, Paper Group

Tis the Season! It’s that wonderful time of year – a time when we scramble to buy and wrap thoughtful tokens of love and appreciation for those we hold dear in a bid to celebrate the wonderful impact they have had on our lives.

One way to share and celebrate a special connection with the wonderful people in your life is to incorporate a handmade touch into all your gift-giving and decorating. An easy way to add a handmade touch is by using beautiful colored and creped tissue paper.

Beautifully-presented gifts can add to the sentimentality and warmth of the holiday season, and in order to wrap any gift beautifully and professionally, you are going to need tissue paper. The versatility of tissue paper makes it the perfect go-to gift-wrapping accouterment whatever your goal, whether you are aiming to give your gift an appearance of quaint, traditional charm or bold, bright flair.  

Spice up your holiday décor by adorning your home with exquisite tissue paper ornaments made by you and your loved ones! This glorious tissue paper holiday wreath or these beautiful poinsettia place cards are fun family projects that are certain to set you apart and add a distinguished and personal flair to your Christmas set-up.

Embrace Nguzo Saba and particularly the principle of Umoja by gathering your friends, family and neighbors to create this stunningly vibrant Kwanzaa Kinara. Engage in the principle of kuumba with your loved ones and create these lovely tissue paper muhindi to beautifully adorn your home.

Commemorate the festival of lights with these remarkable Hanukkah tissue paper cut out candle jars. A room illuminated by these bright patterns will be made strikingly festive and lively. Keep your home bright and colorful throughout the festival with these easy to make celebratory Hanukkah sun catchers.

Home-made holiday decorations and beautiful gifts wrapped with extra care add to the joy of the season and foster a spirit of togetherness, especially when the whole family is involved in the DIY fun. So gather everyone together and engage in some tissue paper inspired holiday season entertainment!