A Few of Our Favorite Packages

May 07, 2018

“Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things.” You’re humming the tune from the Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things” in your head, you know you are. In honor of Packaging Design Day, which occurs every year on May 7, we asked AF&PA staff to tell us a little bit about their favorite packages.

Kate: I love the packaging of Tory Burch shoes. They are always very pretty, colorful boxes that are smooth and sturdy. They work great to hold something and display on a shelf. I use mine to keep photos and other important documents or keepsakes.

Karen: I love Georgetown Cupcake boxes. The best thing about them is the interior cupcake holder system that keeps each cupcake separate so the frosting doesn’t get smudged. I also love the bright pink color and the stylish sticker that seals each box. Finally (and most obviously) I love those boxes because they contain cupcakes.

I also really like Morton Salt containers, with the little metal pour tab. It’s such a classic, reliable design.

My favorite package is Boxed Water. It is made from a renewable resource and it pleasantly surprises people, who are not accustomed to paper-based packages for liquids.

Tim: Gum packages. Do you know how annoying it was as a kid to pull out that last piece of gum at the bottom of the sleeve? That’s when I was allowed to have gum anyway. But the packaging today is far superior and mom doesn’t have to know.

Matiiapa: My favorite paper-based packaging is the flower bouquet box from Urban Stems. The box is very attractive, light and well-designed. It is also sturdy, providing a secure base that keeps the flowers both hydrated and firmly in place. Furthermore, the box is designed in such a way that it allows the customer to fold away one side of the box, fashioning it into a makeshift vase in which you can clearly see & interact with the product. In addition to all of that, the box is also fitted with handles making it easy to transport. It is the kind of box that truly adds to the experience of receiving a gift as sentimental as flowers and perfectly complements the product it holds, to the extent that you will want to hold on to it long after you have re-located the flowers that came in it.

Barbara: Foldable, brown boxes containing baked goods – muffins, frosted cookies, bagels and pastries – that are wrapped tightly evokes warm memories of my grandparents. On their drives from Cape Cod to New Hampshire to visit, they could be counted on to pick up a box of treats for us at Godfried’s on Route 1 in Saugus, MA. While this New York-style deli has closed and my grandparents have passed on, this type of packaging brings them back every time.

Ram: Early in the morning I step into my kitchen, pull my favorite paperboard-packaged cereal box and fill my bowl with some cereal. I reach into the refrigerator and get my paperboard milk carton and pour it over my cereal. The paperboard packaging helps in keeping my food fresh, safe and long lasting, giving me the energy to tackle the challenges of the day.

Susan: To me a box of tea equals a happy memory. Each tea box evokes the mood and flavor of the variety inside. English breakfast brings back memories of high tea in London while spicy chai reminds me of my travels in Asia. Red Rose reminds me of Saturdays at Grandma Elsie’s. I love boxes of tea.

Laura: One of my guilty pleasures is a McDonalds Big Mac. I can’t explain why, but part of the appeal is the packaging - the paper box latches in such a satisfying way to protect its contents. And once you open it up, the top perfectly holds another guilty pleasure - a side of fries!

Stacie: Mine is rather cliché. I very much enjoy the unboxing experience from my Apple products. It’s to the point that I still have many of the boxes because I can keep the software, licensing, etc. within the box and know exactly where it is. Also, Apple’s sleek branding is continued through their pristine white boxes. It creates an incredible experience that I didn’t realize I liked so much until recently.