National Forest Products Week Around the Corner #ForestProductsWeek – October 20 - 26

Oct 15, 2019

By Heidi Brock

AF&PA President & CEO

National Forest Products Week (NFPW) – #ForestProductsWeek – is just around the corner, so mark your calendar for the week of October 20 – 26. Here at AF&PA, we’re  eager to reinforce the value of our industry in the nationwide celebration of forest products and hope you’ll join us.

Bottom line: Our industry is sustainable, responsible, innovative, recyclable and essential with a compelling story to tell. During NFPW, we’ll do just that by sharing and promoting key messaging about each of the five qualities that describe our manufacturers, their dedicated employees and wide variety of products so well.

Sustainable manufacturing processes form our foundation, protect the environment, ensure resources are available for future generations as well as support economic growth and job creation. Our Better Products, Better Planet 2020 initiative is one of the most extensive sets of sustainability goals established for a U.S. manufacturing industry, and participation is a condition of AF&PA membership.

When it comes to the responsible practices applied by our industry, we shine. Sustainable forest management and manufacturing practices are used across the industry to support the proper use of resources, further the health of the planet, grow the economy and create jobs.

On being innovative, paper and wood products manufacturers are front and center and display versatility and a long-standing record of meeting the markets demands and challenges of a growing world population. Take energy, for example. On average, about 66.6 percent of our members’ energy demand is met through carbon-neutral, renewable biomass energy.

Recyclable is a word we embrace to the fullest. Data illustrates the environmental success story that is paper recovery for recycling. Industry and consumer commitment to increasing the quality and quantity of paper recovered for recycling contributed to a record high 68.1 percent U.S. paper recovery for recycling rate in 2018, a rate that has now met or exceeded 63 percent for the past decade. And, the U.S. recovery for recycling rate for old corrugated containers hit an exceptional 96.4 percent rate in 2018.

As the national trade association for the paper and wood products manufacturing industry, we understand forest products are essential components of modern life and meet the evolving needs of citizens at home and around the globe. Our goal is to make sure others do as well, and NFPW provides that opportunity.


Stay tuned to and to learn more, join the conversation and share what forest products mean to you.

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