Kids' Questions Get to the Heart of the Forest Products Industry

Oct 19, 2020


During National Forest Products Week, AF&PA Explains How the Forest Products Industry Is Essential, Recyclable, Sustainable, Innovative and Responsible. 

What does a forester do? Do you use all parts of the tree? Are paper products recyclable?  
These are just three of the many questions that some curious kids asked us during National Forest Products Week 

To get some answers, we turned to the American Forest & Paper Association’s Forestry and Wood Products Policy Manager, Jeff Bradley.  

 For example, did you know? Forest products are all around us: building material, printing and writing paper, sports equipment, paper towels and even diapers. 

Responsible and sustainable manufacturing helps bring to life products, which people rely on and use daily. And when these items are recycled, they result in recycled fibers that can be used at least seven times to make new and innovative paper products. 
The forest products industry leads with an approach that supports sustainable practices that further the betterment of our planet. We also see a bright future in the curiosities of children eager to learn more about the forestry profession and our industry.  
Enjoy this Kids Take Over edition of National Forest Products Week: