Celebrate and Do Your Part During America Recycles Week

Nov 16, 2020

This week the American Forest & Paper Association celebrates America Recycles Week and the many people who help make paper recycling possible in the United States. 

Perhaps you’re one of the millions of Americans who recycle paper and paper-based packaging at home. This week is an important reminder that we can all do our part to recycle more.  

There’s also an entire industry committed to investing in the future of paper recycling. The paper and paper-based packaging manufactures are also applying innovative technologies to capture previously hard to recycle items, like paper cups

The $4.1 billion investment in U.S. recycling capacity is evidence alone for how important recycling is to the paper and paper-based packaging supply chain. But we can’t do without your help. 

You can keep the momentum going by making paper recycling more convenient inside your home. Start by placing recycling bins in common areas of your home, like a home office, bathroom, or kitchen. Also, boxes coming into your house should go in the recycle bin too.  

That’s especially important to keep in mind as the holidays near. The boxes that protect e-commerce orders are easy to recycle. Just remember to remove any non-paper box packing materials, flatten the box, keep it dry and put it in the bin.  

And if you’re ordering takeout pizza at home, remember that grease and cheese are not an issue for recycling. A recent study confirmed this—simply remove any leftover pizza, and place the box in the recycling bin.  

For more information about U.S. paper recycling and paper recycling, and AF&PA’s commitment to sustainability, visit www.paperrecycles.org.