All the Difference on Paper

Jun 16, 2015
By Paul Noe
Vice President, Public Policy

Memo to fathers and fathers to be: Some of your best days can come courtesy of paper. We all know this innately, but it bears reminding with Father’s Day around the corner.   

Give your kids some paper – plus crayons, colored pencils, markers, or pens – and oh, the places they’ll go (h/t Dr. Seuss).  Any paper will do, but my kids bring out the good stuff for Father’s Day.  

Give them a blank sheet, and you’ll receive a work of art. There’s nothing quite like it.  To see the world as seen by your daughter or son:
    • That day at the beach
    • Tossing football
    • Swinging at the playground
    • Riding bikes
    • The father-daughter dance
    • Fishing
    • Playing “sharks and minnows” at the pool
    • The family portrait, with “World’s Greatest Dad”
My kids are getting older, but it’s still the only gift I need – or ever will need.
In the end, so many other things that seemed so important will fade away.  Had a bad day?  Look at that card.  It’s like having Thanksgiving every day.