Collecting, Trading and Nurturing a Baseball Card Collection Together

Jun 17, 2015
By Stan Lancey
Chief Economist

Collecting cardboard baseball cards is a pastime that extends back to the mid-1800s.  When my son was a youngster, he is now approaching 30, I helped him start and nurture a collection of baseball cards.  The objective was to grow the collection and the quality of cards in it.  

However, we soon found that we had very different approaches to accomplishing those goals.  I was a good card flipper and tried to teach him the art so he could win cards by playing flipping games with his friends.  However, he mainly lost.

He quickly learned more about baseball and baseball players than I will ever know.  He became a shrewd card trader, enhancing the scope and value of his collection along the way.  It just goes to show that we are all different and have different talents.  My son and I came to appreciate each other’s approaches to enhancing a baseball card collection without spending a lot of money.  What we gained was an everlasting connection through our love of baseball cards.