Generations of Fathers Connect Through Memories

Jun 18, 2015
By Stewart Holm
Chief Scientist

When I think back on the various Father’s Days over the years, one always finds its way to make me smile and perhaps even to give a chuckle. I had been a father for only a few years when we had the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day and my Grandfather’s 100 year birthday. Having four generations of my family in one spot at one time made for quite a celebration. We spent the day listening to him tell old stories of us growing up and more interesting was the discussion on living on the plains of Nebraska during the Great Depression and Prohibition. This was all followed by photographs and opening of the many cards and presents from the numerous children, grand-children, and great grand-children. I still have the family portrait and various cards from my kids to “Great Grandpa Fred.” The cards are handmade with trees, flowers, birds, and the occasional worm. I bring them out when I write my father’s day card just to reflect. My son didn’t really get the chance to know Great Grandpa Fred but he’ll ask, “He was a good guy?” I am quick to respond, “Yes, he was.”