A Fatherhood Filled With Making Memories and Treasuring Them

Jun 19, 2015
By Tim Hunt
Senior Director, Air Quality Programs

Children bring such joys to parents. As a father of two 20-something “kids,” Father’s Day is always a time for me to look back at the cherished times with them at home. Creative play was part of everyday life. The wooden play set I built with friends in the back yard was the first thing we added when we moved to our new home two decades ago. My son watched with anticipation, staying away from saws but advising to make the tower taller and, “oh, can you build a teeter totter as well?” How can a Dad refuse? The wooden tower would become the place of many imaginary adventures at sea or avoiding the alligators in the “moat.” Our plans for a pine-stained deck would have to wait until the following summer.

By transforming a new refrigerator box into a reception desk by my daughter, our house became the “Hilltop Hotel.” I still remember her handing me a piece of paper, saying “Dad, here is your bill for staying for a week at my hotel.” Hmm, I guess I had better pay up. Perhaps this is another form of “paying it forward.”

Now on Father’s Day, instead of playing on my knees or running around the yard, it’s getting a thoughtful card in the mail with a poem or touching sentiment, or even a postcard (a practice my son learned from his mother). We save these priceless mementos to remember the passing of the years, and unlike e-mails, to read again (and again) in the future.