My Paper Trail to Motherhood

May 04, 2015
By Cathy Foley
Group Vice President

While my route to motherhood was a long one (half-way around the world to adopt a beautiful 11 month old baby girl from China), it was the most gratifying experience of our life. Oh the wonderful paperwork we had to fill out over the nearly two-year process. Each minute of that painstaking process was worth it while they investigated every facet of our lives - or so it seemed at the time.

But when they placed our daughter in my arms, and she laid her head against me - I knew she was the daughter I had always longed for. We continued the tedious paperwork process in China and her original Chinese adoption papers and U.S. citizenship papers will be used throughout her life.

I love Mothers Day, anxiously awaiting my card.  Most times, my daughter’s cards are handmade and heartfelt. I keep them in my bedside table and often find myself pouring over them drinking in all the wonderful pictures she drew and words she scribbled. Last year, as a 16-year old, she wrote me a very special note telling me how grateful she was for our relationship and how much she loved me. Does it get any better than that? I think not!