The MVPs (Most Valuable Papers) of Motherhood

May 05, 2015
By Elizabeth VanDersarl
Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives

Four years ago I became a mom. The journey has been a lot of fun ... but, boy is it messy. Oh the spit ups, spills and sickness. Not to mention potty training and the stages that preceded it.

I easily could write about my love of paper because of the quiet story times with my son, the hours we spend coloring and the many wonderful projects he has made in preschool that I will treasure for decades. What I want to trumpet, though, is my appreciation for those unheralded, taken-for granted, essential paper products that simplify and sanitize my life. Disposable diapers, tissues, pull ups, paper towels and wipes. Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!

Twelve-hour diapers allowed our family to sleep through the night and helped us survive many cross country flights and road trips. I can’t imagine chasing after a toddler during cold and flu season without tissues, and pull ups helped my son gain some independence while keeping the laundry manageable.  (Tell me life wouldn’t have been easier on the prairie if Ma Ingalls had kept a stash of those in the log cabin!)   And what would I do without paper towels and wipes? Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Summer is coming. I’m expecting a lot of mud, bugs and ice cream. Bring it on. My cabinets are stocked.