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<p>Advancing a Sustainable Future</p>

Advancing a Sustainable Future

Better Practices, Better Planet 2030 builds on our success and continues our commitment to manufacture sustainable products for a sustainable future.

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Paper Recycling

Paper is one of the most widely recycled materials in the U.S. We are committed to investing in recycling infrastructure and educating about recycling best practices.

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Priority Issues

Energy &amp; Environment

Energy & Environment

The paper and wood products industry is a significant contributor of renewable energy, as well as a proud steward of the environment and natural resources.

Marketplace Sustainability

Marketplace Sustainability

We promote unhindered market access so that essential paper and wood products can continue to be sustainably produced to best meet needs.

Business Impact

Business Impact

We need to stay globally competitive to maintain the health of our industry. Our nation's roads, railroads, ports and mail systems are essential to move our products where they need to go.

Member Spotlight

Our members have embraced and surpassed goals in three essential
pillars of sustainability - economic, environmental and social.

Resolute Engineer Featured in Guide


Devin Hurcombe, from Biigtigong Nishnaabeg, a power engineer at Resolute’s Thunder Bay pulp and paper mill was featured in a guide highlighting Indigenous leaders who work in the forest, conservation and parks sectors. 

Rand Whitney Focused on Growth

Rand Whitney

Rand Whitney is focused on continuous growth and improvement at their mills. Over the past decade, they have remained committed to adding new facilities and upgrading machinery to better serve our customer base.

Green Bay Packaging Wins Recycling Award

Green Bay Packaging

The GBP recycled mill in Green Bay, WI was awarded the “Wisconsin Recycling Excellence Award for Innovation” for continuing efforts to reduce overall water use in the paper manufacturing process.