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About the Model

This model quantifies the various behaviors and trade-offs that occur when changes are made to paper recovery and recovered fiber utilization in paper products. It is based on measuring the system-wide interactions that take place within the value chain. 

Each case study represents a question or scenario related to a potential change of paper recovery or recovered fiber utilization compared to a baseline.

The goal of these studies is to help policymakers and those with paper in their supply chains make more informed decisions and avoid unintended consequences.

Case Studies

  • Case Study on Printing-Writing: This case study looks at the system-wide effects of an increase in recovered fiber content of printing-writing freesheet papers from the current level of 7.8% to an average of 15%. 
  • Case Study on Tissue Products: This case study looks at the effects of a 10% increase in recovered fiber consumption in the tissue sector. The study examines the impacts of increasing recovered paper consumption in the At-Home market and the Away-from-Home market for tissue products.

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