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For over a decade, the paper industry has achieved a consistently high recycling rate, meeting or exceeding 63% each year since 2009.

Our industry’s success in paper recycling is because our systems are voluntary and market-driven. And because of the industry’s investments and the support of the millions who recycle every day.

Our industry is contributing to a more circular and sustainable future. Nearly $7 billion in manufacturing infrastructure investments have been completed or announced during 2019-2025 to continue the best use of recycled fiber in manufacturing our products. 

This reflects a longstanding commitment to investing in manufacturing infrastructure using recycled paper that improves the circular nature of our industry.

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs that shift the burden of recycling paper products to manufacturers are unnecessary.

The success of our industry-led paper recycling initiative, consistently high recycling rates and the industry’s ongoing efforts to promote voluntary recycling show EPR is not the right approach for paper.

What We're Doing

AF&PA works to promote and ensure people have access to essential paper and wood products that meet their everyday needs.

We support education on recycling best practices as one of the best ways to increase the quantity and improve the quality of paper in the recycling stream.

We’re working with policymakers to set standards for success and focus on problem-solving. And we support policies that consider market-driven, industry-led recycling solutions.