A few simple steps can ensure your cardboard boxes from online purchases can be recycled to make something new.

  • Cardboard boxes are made from recovered paper and/or trees that are continuously replanted to ensure a sustainable supply.
  • Recycled box fibers are reused at least seven times to make new products.1
  • Consumers who order online play an important role in ensuring the quality of recovered cardboard so it can be recycled into new products.

In 2020, online shopping has become a vital part of how Americans engage in social distancing while still getting the important supplies they need.2 While the items we order are what we look forward to, the boxes they come in are pretty special too. Strong but lightweight, convenient yet cost-effective, corrugated boxes are the preferred packaging material for shipping and can be used over and over to make new products if recycled the right way. 

Recycling corrugated boxes correctly is simple because they were designed to be recycled, are often made with recycled fiber, and are already the most recycled packaging material.3  What makes recycling corrugated boxes even easier is that most Americans don’t have to go any further than their curbside, or possibly a nearby drop-off site, to do it. So how do you do it?


Recycling boxes in four steps

Don’t let anyone tell you that not using cardboard boxes somehow saves trees. The opposite is actually true: without a market for sustainably grown wood for pulp and paper manufacturers, many landowners would convert their land to development for use as parking lots, subdivisions or agriculture. Choosing corrugated boxes for online purchases, and ensuring they are properly recycled, actually results in more trees and forests.

The recovery for recycling of corrugated boxes and other paper and paper-based packaging is a national success story. The paper industry is doing its part, investing more than $4 billion4 in infrastructure to create a strong market for paper-based recycling. Millions of Americans are also doing their part each day by recycling while at home.

Corrugated boxes are an essential part of the supply chain and help protect and transport the goods we use every day. By taking a few simple steps to recycle corrugated boxes from online shopping, we can ensure a continuing supply of boxes as well as other innovative paper-based products throughout 2020 and beyond!  

Paper Recycling is an Environmental Success Story

Corrugated boxes are the most-recycled packaging material in the U.S. Nearly half of the material used nationwide to make new boxes comes from recycled paper.

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The Industry is Constantly Innovating 

The industry is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, so we're working to optimize resources when designing products.  We continue to invest in recycling technology and infrastructure to ensure we can make sustainable products with recycled fiber.

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