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Greif Inc. Aims to Inspire Others with Servant Leadership and Paper Products

The paper and wood products industry empowers its colleagues, their families and neighbors when it comes to opportunity and partnering with local communities to make an impact.  

AF&PA member, Greif Inc., partakes in several volunteer activities such as local clean-ups and Boy Scout recycling programs while also looking to elevate colleagues and their families. 

Bala V Sathyanarayanan, EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer at Greif Inc., spoke to the ways that Greif cares for its neighbors and colleagues. 

“As an industry, we are uniquely positioned to serve communities across the United States. Many of these communities have come to rely on us for economic stability as we are an essential industry making products critical to everyday life,” said Sathyanarayanan 

Greif delivered medical supplies, household items and donated to organizations and families across the globe as a part of the company wide COVID-19 response.  

As someone who recognizes the essential nature of the paper and wood products industry, Sathyanarayanan also points out the unique way the industry can aim to inspire others and attract them to work here.  

“To inspire, we want to reiterate the distinctions that make our industry unique and create a desire to join. Celebrating the reality of being an essential business given current events further defines the reality of the dependency and reach of our industry into a variety of sectors,” noted Sathyanarayanan. “Greif embodies this concept and serves as a great example of the fully integrated design and accompanying opportunities that can appeal to a diverse range of skills, experiences and passions.” 

 Greif not only wants to give opportunities to their colleagues but also their families.  

 “The Greif Scholarship program is a huge hit for colleagues that have kids eligible to apply. For those chosen recipients it is not only a personal financial benefit, but also a sense of pride for our colleagues whose kids have been awarded with this great benefit,” said Sathyanarayanan.  

As the industry continues to develop and roll into a new era of products and technology, Sathyanarayanan points out how Greif and their colleagues are making a difference not only locally, but environmentally as well.    

“We take great pride in supporting those communities where we operate. We have a commitment to making the communities where our colleagues and customers live and work stronger through community partnership and our ongoing efforts to minimize our environmental footprint, with the goal of creating positive and lasting social, environmental and economic impacts across the country,” said Sathyanarayanan.

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