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2021 AF&PA Access to Recycling Study

AF&PA commissioned the 2021 Access to Recycling Study. The study is a comprehensive national report that tracks and measures the growth of access to community paper and paperboard recycling in the U.S. The study shows 94% of Americans have access to community paper recycling programs.



Downloading and use of the AF&PA Design Guidance for Recyclability for Paper-based Packaging means that the user has agreed to the following terms: 

  • The Design Guidance for Recyclability for Paper-based Packaging was developed by AF&PA for members of the paper-based packaging supply chain to use as a resource in designing and manufacturing packaging to meet customers’ needs in terms of recyclability.  

  • The technical guidance contained in the Design Guidance is presented as is.  It represents a snapshot in time.  It is not meant to be mandatory or a standard for the packaging industry.  

  • The information contained herein does not have any express or implied warranty. Users of this information will indemnify and hold harmless AF&PA, including its members, Officers and Directors, for any decisions made regarding recyclability of packaging arising from the use of this resource in any way other than its intended use.