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Marketplace Sustainability

Tissue is Sustainable

Introducing the newest superhero - Tissue! The tissue superheroes show how tissue is sustainably made. Tissue is made from renewable resources, trees, and recycled materials. Tissue is also lightweight, strong, thin and hygienic. 

Paper Packaging is Sustainable by Design

Paper-based packaging is a sustainable choice. Rachel Ingram, Design Engineer Manager for Sonoco explains how new ideas for paper packaging come to life and her goals for the future of sustainability in our industry.  

Colorado EPR Scheme Will Hurt State’s Recycling Efforts

AF&PA is disappointed by the enactment of Colorado’s Producer Responsibility Program for Recycling. Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed HB22-1355 into law, creating an extended producer responsibility (EPR) program that includes paper and paper-based packaging products.

EPA Packaging Recycling

Most recent data from the EPA  indicates that paper and paperboard packaging accounts for 3/4 of all packaging materials recovered for recycling in the U.S.

AF&PA Urges Colorado Governor Polis to Veto EPR Scheme

AF&PA Vice President of Industry Affairs Terry Webber issued a statement in response to the Colorado General Assembly passing (HB22-1355), which would create an extended producer responsibility (EPR) program.

AF&PA Opposes Colorado’s EPR Scheme

The American Forest & Paper Association Vice President of Industry Affairs, Terry Webber issued a statement opposing the Colorado Legislature passing (HB22-1355) that would create an extended producer responsibility (EPR) program.

Sustaining the Future with Forest Management

For Denise Weinberger, a love for the paper and wood products industry runs in her blood. She discussed what sustainability means to her and how sustainable forest management positively impacts the planet for future generations.

What the Paper Industry is Doing to Improve Recycling

The paper recycling rate has met or exceeded 63% every year since 2009. Paper recycling is a model that works because of the industry’s investment and the millions of people who recycle every day. Read what we’re doing to continue to improve paper recycling.

Are Paper Cups Recyclable?

While you’re sipping your latte, you may wonder are paper cups recyclable? Yes, paper cups are recyclable! There are currently 31 mills across North America recycling paper cups. The fiber from those cups is then used to make tissue, paper and paper packaging.  

Student Design Challenge Winners Make Community Relief Packaging

The Paperboard Packaging Alliance (PPA) announced the winners of the 2021 Student Design Challenge, an annual competition that fosters awareness and appreciation of paperboard packaging with the next generation of packaging design decision-makers. Design teams from across the country created…

How do I Recycle Paper Padded Mailers?

One of the questions we commonly receive is how do I recycle a paper padded mailer. The answer depends on what type of mailer you received. We help explain what to do for the three most common mailers.

AF&PA Validates Paper Padded Mailers Recyclable

AF&PA released new industry guidance giving consumers confidence on the recyclability of paper padded mailers. Paper padded mailers are widely recycled at paper mills across the country.