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Marketplace Sustainability

AF&PA on Pizza Box Recycling

AF&PA has issued two statements about pizza box recycling. Pizza boxes are recycled at paper mills around the country every day. Grease and cheese are not an issue. We encourage local communities to update their guidelines.

Marketplace Sustainability

It’s important for people to have unrestricted access to these essential products. For example, it is important for us all to be able to choose how we receive information from the government, whether in paper format or digital. Or for us to have the choice of paper bags at the grocery line check…

The Future of Forestry is Through Education

When Chuck Daniels explains working forests to a 6th grader, he tells them they're full of life. He also says we depend on the forests, and the forests depend on us.

Spotlight in Brief: 2020 Sustainability Award Winner for Sustainable Forest Management

AF&PA member Evergreen Packaging was recently recognized for their leadership in sustainable forest management and work to help family forest landowners increase access to forest certification programs.

AF&PA Releases New Guide to Further Advance Paper Recycling

Building on the sustainability success of paper based packaging and recycling, the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) released a new tool, The Design Guidance for Recyclability, a data-driven resource to aid packaging designers and brands in the design and manufacture of packaging…

Explore the Essential Products and Work of the Pulp and Paper Industry

Paper products are intertwined into our everyday life, and they remain essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. The men and women of the paper and wood products industry know they’re working for a common purpose—to serve communities near and far.

Learn About the Science Behind Innovative Paper and Wood Products

From the box that lands on your doorstep to the bag that carries grocery items—there are many examples of paper-based products that have innovation and technology built-in by design.

Why Are Paper Cups a Sustainable Choice?

What's obvious is that paper cups are convenient, clean and hygienic. What's less obvious to most of us is that paper cups are made from a renewable resource. 30 paper mills in North America recycle used cups.