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AF&PA Opposes Colorado’s EPR Scheme

The American Forest & Paper Association Vice President of Industry Affairs, Terry Webber issued a statement opposing the Colorado Legislature passing (HB22-1355) that would create an extended producer responsibility (EPR) program.

What the Paper Industry is Doing to Improve Recycling

The paper recycling rate has met or exceeded 63% every year since 2009. Paper recycling is a model that works because of the industry’s investment and the millions of people who recycle every day. Read what we’re doing to continue to improve paper recycling.

Are Paper Cups Recyclable?

While you’re sipping your latte, you may wonder are paper cups recyclable? Yes, paper cups are recyclable! There are currently 31 mills across North America recycling paper cups. The fiber from those cups is then used to make tissue, paper and paper packaging.  

AF&PA Validates Paper Padded Mailers Recyclable

AF&PA released new industry guidance giving consumers confidence on the recyclability of paper padded mailers. Paper padded mailers are widely recycled at paper mills across the country.

Advancing Paper Recycling’s Success Into the Future

The findings presented in the 2021 AF&PA Access to Recycling Study show us that community recycling programs for paper and paper-based packaging are well-developed and widely accessible. This is good news when so many individuals are looking to make a difference on…

Paper Products Widely Accepted for Recycling

The 2021 AF&PA Access to Recycling Study found many items which are widely accepted. 60% or more of consumers have access to community recycling programs that accept these materials.

Access to Recycling Programs That Accept Pizza Boxes

The 2021 AF&PA Access to Recycling Study found 82% of the U.S. population has access to a community recycling program that accepts pizza boxes.  

Access to Recycling Programs in the U.S.

The 2021 AF&PA Access to Recycling Study found 94% of Americans have access to a community paper recycling program.  

Access to Curbside Recycling

The 2021 AF&PA Access to Recycling Study found 79% of Americans have access to residential-curbside recycling programs- an increase of more than 14 million people since our 2014 study.

Understanding What it Means to be a Responsible Producer

As we look ahead to 2022, there are potentially other states and jurisdictions that will consider EPR approaches that could have negative consequences for the paper and wood products industry.  

Paper Recycling Success

Paper recycling is a model that works. Our industry’s success in paper recycling is because our systems are voluntary and market driven. Our industry is contributing to a more circular and sustainable future with approximately $5 billion in manufacturing infrastructure investments planned or…

What We're Doing

AF&PA commissioned the 2021 Access to Recycling Study. The study is a comprehensive national report that tracks and measures the growth of access to community and paperboard recycling in the U.S. The study shows 94% of Americans have access to community paper recycling programs. And 79% of…