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Update in Brief

Children’s Book Spotlights Forest Careers

Books have the power to unlock imaginations, expand worldviews and even excite child-like wonder. That’s how the story goes in Lucy Meets a Logger, a new children’s book published by author Stephanie Fuller.

New York Times Misses the Point on Paper Recycling

The New York Times covered Maine’s dramatic new recycling law. But they missed the point on paper recycling. AF&PA responded in a letter to the editor.

Sustainable Forestry is Key to a Healthy and Lasting Paper Industry

Paper and wood products touch our everyday lives. From the structure of buildings that we live in, to the hygiene products we use, we rely on forest products. But the source they come from depends on us. Tony Diaz, chip mill operations manager with Graphic Packaging International LLC and…

Sustainable Forestry a ‘Win-Win’ for the Environment and Family Forest Owners

For Sarah Holmes, owner of Holmes Forestry, sustainable forestry is easy to define, “sustainable forestry is just good forestry.” Her love for forestry began in college after taking an introductory forestry field class at the University of Maine at Orono. Since then, her career has taken her…

The Future of Forestry is Through Education

When Chuck Daniels explains working forests to a 6th grader, he tells them they're full of life. He also says we depend on the forests, and the forests depend on us.

The History of Paper

Before paper as we know it existed, people communicated through pictures and symbols carved into tree bark, painted on cave walls, and marked on papyrus or clay tablets. Then, paper came along.

Safety is our Mindset Serves as Paper Industry Employee Safety Motto

Safety is more than a goal for the paper and wood products industry — it’s a mindset. The people who develop, implement and monitor safety programs to help keep our employees safe are a key component to achieving “Goal Zero.”

Greif Inc. Aims to Inspire Others with Servant Leadership and Paper Products

The paper and wood products industry empowers its colleagues, their families and neighbors when it comes to opportunity and partnering with local communities to make an impact. Bala V Sathyanarayanan, EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer at Greif Inc., spoke to the ways that Greif cares for its…

Recycling During the Pandemic: 2020 Paper and Cardboard Recycling Rates Are In!

The 2020 paper recycling rate came in at 65.7% a consistently high rate.  Meanwhile, the average recycling rate for cardboard over the last three years (from 2018 to 2020) increased to 92.4%.   

Hood Container Makes an Impact Locally

From local drives that bring goods to neighbors to projects that need helping hands, our members find time to give back.

The Paper and Wood Products Industry Gives Back: Domtar

People are at the heart of our industry. So is being part of the communities that surround our mills and stepping up to lend a hand with community projects.

Spotlight in Brief: 2020 Sustainability Award Winner for Innovation in Sustainability

The paper and wood products industry is truly innovative. With new technologies and creative ideas, our members are creating products that are sustainable and responsibly manufactured. AF&PA member, WestRock designed and developed a proprietary fiber-based packaging…