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Update in Brief

Kids' Questions Get to the Heart of the Forest Products Industry

During National Forest Products Week, AF&PA explains (with some help from a few kids) how the forest products industry is essential, recyclable, sustainable, innovative and responsible.

University Teams Think Outside the Box on Student Design Challenge

Each year, the Paperboard Packaging Alliance (PPA) Student Design Challenge showcases the creative talent, design skills and innovative approaches of students, helping foster awareness and appreciation of paperboard packaging with the next generation of packaging design decision-makers.

Explore the Essential Products and Work of the Pulp and Paper Industry

Paper products are intertwined into our everyday life, and they remain essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. The men and women of the paper and wood products industry know they’re working for a common purpose—to serve communities near and far.

Using Water Sustainably to Manufacture Essential Products

Perhaps no season sheds light on the importance of water more than the hot summer months. Whether you’re drinking water, trying to cool off, or going with the flow, water is an essential resource – and it’s also why the…

Planting trees for future generations

The paper and wood products industry relies on trees to manufacture essential and everyday products. To have a continuous supply, for every tree that is used, two or more trees are planted to ensure regrowth and forests for future generations.  

Sustainability at the Root of the Paper and Wood Products Industry

Sustainable forest management is a core value among AF&PA members. Our members know that our forests have a bigger story behind them, and it all starts at the root. Pulp and paper manufacturing emphasizes energy conservation and reuse of inputs and materials…

Paper is a Recycling Success Story. Pulp and Paperworkers Explain Why.

Paper and wood products are widely used across the United States — from cereal boxes, mail and paper tubes to corrugated and paper bags used to deliver items to your home. And these essential products have something in common — recyclability.  

Learn About the Science Behind Innovative Paper and Wood Products

From the box that lands on your doorstep to the bag that carries grocery items—there are many examples of paper-based products that have innovation and technology built-in by design.

On the Air: Heidi Brock Shares Leadership Lessons in Recent Podcast Appearances

Recently, President and CEO Heidi Brock shared her experience as an association executive on two podcasts that focus on nonprofit and association leadership topics. Listen in and hear what she has to say.

Infographic: Paper Towels Are Essential to Limit the Spread of Germs

Paper towels are widely recognized for their role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, both inside and outside the home. Do you know the benefits of paper towels? AF&PA recently released this infographic demonstrating best practices for cleaning and hygiene.

Tissue Production Reaches All-Time Highs

AF&PA released a press statement and tissue production data that speaks to record rates the industry saw earlier this year. In March, essential workers at AF&PA member companies manufactured nearly 700,000 tons of tissue, more than any other month since 2007, when AF&PA began…

Spotlight: Women in the Paper and Wood Products Industry from Essity and Georgia-Pacific

This month is Women's History Month, and our industry employs many inspiring women who develop, manufacture, design and market the products we rely on. Women are an invaluable piece of the paper and wood products industry, and we are excited to share with you their stories.