Recovery Boiler Program

The AF&PA Recovery Boiler Program was established in 1974 to develop programs and assist companies operating recovery boilers to improve the safety, integrity and reliability of the recovery boiler operations. The Program is under the direction of a Steering Committee to provide a forum for the members to develop information, reference manuals, audit guidelines, checklists and training aids useful in evaluating: Safe Operating Procedures; Specifications and Construction; Maintenance Programs; Organization and Training; and Research and Development Programs.

Membership is open to all companies operating recovery boilers. Companies designate representatives to serve on the Program’s two subcommittees (Research & Development and Operation & Maintenance). The AF&PA Recovery Boiler Annual Conference and Committee Meetings are held on the first  Tuesday & Wednesday each February. A copy of the Program’s charter and listing of available publications is shown below.

Operational Safety Seminars

The Committee sponsors two (2) seminars each year in April & May. Two expert monitors conduct these seminars to further the operators’ and supervisors’ knowledge and understanding of the safe operation and maintenance of recovery boilers. The seminars focus on the proper training and handling of upset situations to minimize exposure to personnel; reduce injuries; as well as reduce downtime and damage. Six (6) case studies used as tabletop exercises in each seminar and are based on actual recent Recovery Boiler Incidents.  These tabletop exercises help operators and supervisors make the important decision when to ESP a Recovery Boiler.  Over 3,800 people have attended the seminars since they were started in 1985.

Upcoming Events

February 4-5, 2020: Annual Conference & Committee Meetings – Atlanta, GA - Marriott Atlanta Airport Hotel. Event & Registration Information with the Agenda

April 21-22, 2020: Recovery Boiler Operational Safety Seminar – Atlanta, GA – Marriott Atlanta Airport Hotel.  Mark your calendar!  Information to follow.

May 12-13, 2020: Recovery Boiler Operational Safety Seminar – Atlanta, GA – Marriott Atlanta Airport Hotel.  Mark your calendar!  Information to follow.

October 6, 2020: Research & Development Subcommittee Meeting – Atlanta, GA – Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport Hotel (3:00 – 5:30 PM Tuesday at the Fall BLRBAC Conference). Mark your calendar! Information to follow. Please contact Wayne Grilliot at or 937-602-1892 if you wish to attend as a guest.



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