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Are Paper Cups Sustainable?

Paper cups are a sustainable choice and an important part of advancing sustainability goals. Paper cups are made from renewable resources and can be recycled at paper mills.

Solutions to Minnesota's Packaging Waste and Cost Reduction Act

Minnesota lawmakers are rushing to implement the Packaging Waste and Cost Reduction Act. We support and encourage Minnesota lawmakers to complete a needs assessment before considering an EPR program. This would help them reach their goals to improve their recycling system.

Why Statewide Needs Assessments Are Needed Before EPR

Before an EPR program is considered, states need to do a needs assessment. These studies help states better understand the current state of their waste and recycling system.

Can I Recycle Decorative Tissue Paper?

Decorative tissue paper is recyclable by paper mills. Be sure to check your local guidelines before placing it in your recycling bin.

Can I Recycle a Greasy Pizza Box?

Grease and cheese in an amount typically found on pizza boxes are not an issue for the recycling process. 82% of Americans have access to a community recycling program that accepts pizza boxes.

2023 E-Commerce Graphic Empty Flatten Recycle

Download the 2023 e-commerce campaign graphic, "Recycling Boxes is Easy. Just Empty, Flatten, Recycle."

2023 E-Commerce Graphic Gift That Keeps on Giving

Download the 2023 e-commerce campaign graphic, "Paper Recycling: The Gift that Keeps on Giving."

National Forest Products Week Celebrates Industry's Sustainability Leadership

The American Forest & Paper Association celebrates National Forest Products Week. The week-long event spotlights the 925,000 people working in the forest products industry who are committed to advancing a sustainable future.

Are Tissue Products Sustainable?

Tissue products like toilet paper and paper towels are sustainably made. Take a closer look at how they are produced with sustainability in mind.

Recycling of Old Newspapers and Mechanical Papers Graph

While there's less newsprint in the marketplace, it's still a very valuable fiber. There is a greater percentage of newsprint in the marketplace being recycled. 

Does Paper Actually Get Recycled? The Industry Answers

You put your recycling in the bin and drop it at the curb. Then what happens? Does it actually get recycled? Yes! At paper mills across the country, recycled paper is used to make the essential products millions of people rely on.

U.S. Paper and Cardboard Recycling Rates Continue to Hold Strong in 2022

Paper and cardboard continue to be some of the most recycled materials in the United States. In 2022, the paper recycling rate was 67.9% and the cardboard recycling rate was 93.6%. Paper recycling is successful because of the millions of people who recycle and the paper industry’s ongoing…