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The Price Companies: 2020 Innovation in Sustainability Award Winner

The Price Companies are managing some of the least productive lands to enhance the profitability of the overall property and to bring back original features to the landscape that make the Mississippi Delta region unique.

Paper and Wood Products are Responsible

From healthy forests to recycling paper products, the responsible and sustainable use of resources to manufacture the products we rely on is critical. 

Paper and Wood Products are Sustainable

The paper and wood products industry is rooted in sustainability. We use sustainable best practices to manufacture products people use every day from renewable resources. 

Paper and Wood Products are Essential

Paper and wood products are essential. From the paper towel to wipe a surface to the packaging protecting your cereal to the paper you wrote your notes on to the lumber used to build your house. 

Paper and Wood Products are Innovative

The industry is using sound science to manufacture a better product. From the best use of resources to investing in new technology, the industry is working to build a better future.