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Tissue is Sustainable

Introducing the newest superhero - Tissue! The tissue superheroes show how tissue is sustainably made. Tissue is made from renewable resources, trees, and recycled materials. Tissue is also lightweight, strong, thin and hygienic. 

Printing Papers Don't Belong in EPR Programs

Printing papers are 100% recyclable and the process is simple. Extended Producer Responsibility programs won’t improve that infrastructure. Don't mess with success. Paper recycling is part of a system that already works.

How Does Recycling Actually Work?

What happens after you put your recycling in the bin and drop it at the curb? Does it actually get recycled? Yes! At paper mills across the country, recycled paper is used to make the essential products millions of people rely on.

Paper and Wood Products are Recyclable

Paper recycling is a success story. Pulp and paper workers sat down to explain why. 

Keeping germs at bay. Dr. Gerba’s hand drying method.

Drying your hands after washing is an important step that you shouldn’t skip. Paper towels offer a hygienic option for getting your hands dry and clean.    

Resolute Forest Products: 2020 Sustainability Award Winner for Energy Efficiency & GHG Reduction

Resolute invested $4 million to upgrade the mill’s cogeneration turbine, and within the first full year of operation, the mill recorded a 65% reduction in purchased energy. 

Evergreen Packaging: 2020 Sustainability Award Winner for Sustainable Forestry

 AF&PA member Evergreen Packaging was recently recognized for their leadership in sustainable forest management and work to help family forest landowners increase access to forest certification programs.   

Clearwater Paper: 2020 Sustainability Award Winner for Safety

Clearwater Paper implemented an enterprise-wide Environmental Health & Safety Excellence strategy focused on five key foundations to reduce and eliminate safety impacts to employees, contractors and communities.  

Sappi North America: 2020 Sustainability Award Winner for Water

AF&PA member Sappi North America, a leading producer and supplier of diversified paper, packaging products and pulp, is challenging industry standards and innovating new methods for sustainability by repurposing and reducing waste at all locations. 

Appvion: 2020 Innovation in Sustainability Award Winner

AF&PA former member Appvion is a manufacturer of thermal paper in North America and has been committed to developing environmentally responsible solutions since inception, over 100 years ago. 

WestRock: 2020 Innovation in Sustainability Award Winner

AF&PA member, WestRock designed and developed a proprietary fiber-based packaging solution, Pak On Demand™ Pouch System. Using an innovative format, the system creates right-sized fiber-based pouches that are 100-percent-curbside recyclable.  

The Price Companies: 2020 Innovation in Sustainability Award Winner

The Price Companies are managing some of the least productive lands to enhance the profitability of the overall property and to bring back original features to the landscape that make the Mississippi Delta region unique.