Employee Relations Program

The Employee Relations Program is the recognized national pulp & paper industry source for collective bargaining and best practice information because we:

  • Provide current, easily accessible electronic data bases.
  • Provide periodic updates of labor developments.
  • Provide forums for knowledge exchange and networking.
  • Provide custom surveys.
  • Interface with the USW and other unions.
  • Advise AF&PA in employee relations matters

The Employee Relations Program is made up of U.S. pulp and paper manufacturers. The Committee is made up of senior human resource/labor relations official(s) of participant companies.  The ERP holds two meetings per year.

The Labor Database has information on about 90% of all U.S. pulp and paper mills with union contracts.  “Push button” reports provide users with instant benchmark information on wages and benefits that you can filter by company, region, and product group.

  •       The Current Labor Developments newsletter, with information and statistics on current
          bargaining and settlements in the pulp and paper industry.
  •       Pulp and Paper Bargaining Calendar, with settlement summaries linked to the contract
          ratification date.
  •        Employee Relations Overview, a PowerPoint presentation of industry settlement trends and
           benchmark wage and benefit information.
  •       Mill labor agreements, posted in PDF format on the LaborData website.
  •       Employee Relations Committee – a network for senior HR executives.
  •       Annual Employee Relations Conference in Atlanta for mill HR managers.
  •       Response to requests for information on employee and labor relations issues.
  •       Monthly telephone conference call to share information on bargaining with the USW.


To learn more about the Employee Relations Program, contact:

Sonia Reynolds