2020 Sustainability Report

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Better Practices, Better Planet 2020

AF&PA members are committed to preserving and growing the economic contributions of the industry and its individual companies to society; fostering the well-being of their communities; promoting sustainable manufacturing practices; energy generation and conservation; and fiber procurement measures that protect the environment; and, ensuring our resources will be as available for future generations as they are today. These sustainable practices are the foundation of our industry. 

The Better Practices, Better Planet 2020 sustainability initiative includes one of the most extensive sets of sustainability goals established for a U.S. manufacturing industry.

2020 Sustainability Report

AF&PA released its 2020 Sustainability Report, which highlights how our members have met 4 of the comprehensive Better Practices Better Planet 2020 goals.  First and foremost, since 2006, we have improved our incidence rate by more than 38 percent. And we remain focused on improving this rate while we strive to achieve zero workplace injuries.

We’ve also decreased greenhouse gas emissions by 23.2 percent from our year 2005 baseline; we’ve surpassed the goal to improve energy efficiency by 10 percent; and we’ve met our goal to increase the amount of fiber procured from certified forestlands through certified fiber sourcing programs.

These improvements are the result of continuous investment in manufacturing operations, such as upgrading equipment and utilizing cleaner fuel sources, like natural gas and carbon-neutral biomass. 

The full sustainability report with highlights of our members’ sustainability progress is available for download here.

To learn more about our sustainability goals and progress, please visit https://sustainability.afandpa.org.

AF&PA Sustainability Awards

Designed to recognize exemplary sustainability programs and initiatives in the paper and wood products manufacturing industry, AF&PA’s annual awards are given based on the merit of entries received across multiple categories.

Projects that support progress toward the Better Practices, Better Planet 2020 sustainability goals qualify for recognition in the “Leadership” category, which has five subcategories that correspond to the goals: Energy Efficiency/Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Paper Recovery for Recycling, Safety, Sustainable Forest Management and Water. The “Innovation in Sustainability” award is reserved for projects that merit recognition for their contribution to sustainable business practices, not one of the goals specifically.

2020 Sustainability Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2020 Sustainability Award Winners. Seven AF&PA member companies were recognized for leadership and innovation in sustainability. To learn more about each award winner, click here.

The 2020 Sustainability Award Winners