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AF&PA Details U.S. Paper Production and Capacity Trends

The 64th Paper Industry Annual Capacity and Fiber Consumption Survey was released by AF&PA. The report provides detailed data on U.S. paper industry capacity and production compiled by the AF&PA statistics team.

Embracing Sustainable Tissue Production

We dove into how the industry is embracing sustainable tissue production to make toilet paper and paper towels. We got an insight into how one company, Procter & Gamble, approaches it. 

Can I Recycle Decorative Tissue Paper?

Decorative tissue paper is recyclable by paper mills. Be sure to check your local guidelines before placing it in your recycling bin.

National Forest Products Week 2023 Vertical Graphic

Celebrating National Forest Products Week in 2023 by highlighting how the industry is advancing a more sustainable future. Download the Instagram size.

National Forest Products Week 2023 Horizontal Graphic

Celebrating National Forest Products Week in 2023 by highlighting how the industry is advancing a more sustainable future. Download the X (formerly known as Twitter), LinkedIn and Facebook size.

Are Tissue Products Sustainable?

Tissue products like toilet paper and paper towels are sustainably made. Take a closer look at how they are produced with sustainability in mind.

Where Recycled Paper Goes Graph

In 2022, nearly half of recycled paper went into making containerboard - the material used to make cardboard boxes.

Tissue is Sustainable

Introducing the newest superhero - Tissue! The tissue superheroes show how tissue is sustainably made. Tissue is made from renewable resources, trees, and recycled materials. Tissue is also lightweight, strong, thin and hygienic. 

Facts About Tissue Bleaching Agents

Have you ever wondered what makes your tissue soft and white? Share the facts about bleaching agents used in bathroom tissue and paper towel manufacturing by downloading this one-pager to communicate about the modern bleaching process and bleaching process definitions.

National Forest Products Week Shines a Spotlight on People in the Forest Products Industry

The American Forest & Paper Association President and CEO Heidi Brock issued a press statement in celebration of the 61st anniversary of National Forest Products Week.

AF&PA Dynamic Fiber Flows: Background

The Dynamic Fiber Flows model measures the complex behaviors and trade-offs associated with changes to paper recovery and recovered fiber utilization in paper products based on system-wide interactions in the paper value chain to better inform decision makers. This download includes the project…

Tissue Products and Renewable Forests

Each year the U.S. and Canada grow significantly more wood than is harvested.