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Industry Priorities

MIT and AF&PA Project: China Import Policy White Paper

August 2, 2021

"The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and AF&PA developed this White Paper to understand how the China import policy would impact U.S. manufacturing sectors and recovered fiber, and suggested ways to address gaps."

Recycling Best Practices

August 2, 2021

Keep paper and paper-based packaging dry and clean, then place them in the recycling bin. Always make sure you're checking local recycling guidelines so you know what can go in the recycling bin.

Why You Shouldn't Wishcycle

August 2, 2021

Wishcycling is putting something in the recycling bin hoping that it actually gets recycled, but that actually does harm to our recycling system. 

2020 Annual Report

August 2, 2021

Download our interactive annual report to track our progress on key issues for the paper and wood products industry.


Washington State Water Quality Comparable Risks

August 2, 2021

People are exposed to risks in many ways every day and some are more likely than others, and there are many regulatory programs to address those risks. The comparable risk chart helps explain how EPA's new risk policy for Washington state's water quality is more strict than several other programs.


Modernize Air Permitting To Enable Manufacturing

August 2, 2021

This chart helps identify ways EPA could make improvements to the air permitting process and implementation tools.