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International Paper Taking Action to Address Period Poverty

As a leading producer of pulp, International Paper is helping address period poverty, an issue that impacts 500 million women and girls around the globe. Their work on this issue recently won International Paper an AF&PA Sustainability Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. In collaboration…

Diversity and Collaboration Build Value for Paper Industry

Hispanic Heritage Month is a reminder of the value of diversity in the paper and wood products industry. Rafael Garcia, Vice President – Environmental Stewardship Strategy, Consumer Products Group at Georgia-Pacific told us about the value unique perspectives bring to sustainability challenges.

Making Change for the Better with Nonwoven Materials

Hong Wilcoxon is the quality manager at Domtar’s Engineered Absorbent Materials (EAM) facility in Jesup, Georgia. She helps make change for the better, including innovative products with sustainable, nonwoven materials.

National Forest Products Week Shines a Spotlight on People in the Forest Products Industry

The American Forest & Paper Association President and CEO Heidi Brock issued a press statement in celebration of the 61st anniversary of National Forest Products Week.

Paper and Wood Products are Recyclable

Paper recycling is a success story. Pulp and paper workers sat down to explain why. 

Paper and Wood Products are Responsible

From healthy forests to recycling paper products, the responsible and sustainable use of resources to manufacture the products we rely on is critical. 

Paper and Wood Products are Sustainable

The paper and wood products industry is rooted in sustainability. We use sustainable best practices to manufacture products people use every day from renewable resources. 

Paper and Wood Products are Essential

Paper and wood products are essential. From the paper towel to wipe a surface to the packaging protecting your cereal to the paper you wrote your notes on to the lumber used to build your house. 

Paper and Wood Products are Innovative

The industry is using sound science to manufacture a better product. From the best use of resources to investing in new technology, the industry is working to build a better future. 

Paper and Wood Products - Past, Present and Future

Paper and wood products have been, are and will continue to be an essential part of life.

How the Paper and Wood Products Industry Offers Opportunity

For Tony Murphy, Manufacturing Excellence Lead at International Paper, his decision to enter a pulp and paper career was a decision he'd never look back on or rethink.

Explore the Essential Products and Work of the Pulp and Paper Industry

Paper products are intertwined into our everyday life, and they remain essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. The men and women of the paper and wood products industry know they’re working for a common purpose—to serve communities near and far.