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Update in Brief

Paper Packaging is Sustainable by Design

September 6, 2022
Paper-based packaging is a sustainable choice. Rachel Ingram, Design Engineer Manager for Sonoco explains how new ideas for paper packaging come to life and her goals for the future of sustainability in our industry.  

Update in Brief

How Does AF&PA Calculate Paper and Cardboard Recycling Rates?

September 1, 2022
More than two-thirds of the paper used in the U.S. is recycled and used to make new sustainable paper products people use every day. That’s more than 50 million tons of paper. To unpack the paper and cardboard recycling rates further, we turned to AF&PA’s Executive Director of Recovered Fiber Brian Hawkinson to answer a few commonly asked questions.

Update in Brief

Juno is an Innovative Recycling Technology

August 16, 2022
With its Juno technology, Georgia-Pacific is diverting trash from landfills and recovering valuable materials for recycling. John Mulcahy explains how this innovation works and why paper recycling is important.  

Press Release

AF&PA Releases July 2022 Printing-Writing Monthly Report

August 15, 2022
Total printing-writing paper shipments decreased 1% in July compared to July 2021. U.S. purchases of total printing-writing papers increased 3% in July compared to the same month last year. Total printing-writing paper inventory levels increased 2% when compared to June 2022.

Update in Brief

Forest Management Key to Healthy Forests

August 11, 2022
Blair Bishop is a registered forester and the owner of Bishop Forestry and Land PLLC. Bishop believes to help forests thrive now and in the future, others need to learn about managing healthy forests.

Press Release

AF&PA Promotes Andrew Topps to Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

August 2, 2022
AF&PA has promoted Andrew Topps as the next Vice President General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. Topps joined AF&PA in 2010, and has been a key member on AF&PA’s legal team

Press Release

AF&PA Releases Q2 2022 Containerboard Quarterly Report

August 1, 2022
Total Containerboard production in Q2 increased 2% compared to Q2 2021. It was also up 2% when compared to the same 6 months of 2021.

Press Release

AF&PA Releases Q2 2022 Boxboard Monthly Report

August 1, 2022
Total Boxboard production in Q2 increased 1% compared to Q2 2021. It was up 2% when compared to the same 6 months of 2021. The boxboard operating rate was 95.3%, down 1.2 points from Q2 and essentially flat (+0.3 pts.) year-to-date

Update in Brief

Safety Helps Promote Healthy Forests

July 28, 2022
Buck Vandersteen, executive director of the Louisiana Forestry Association, helps promote safety in the forests. With many hands involved, it’s important that sustainable forestry is done with best safety practices.

Recycling Q&A

Do You Know How to Recycle Milk Cartons?

July 26, 2022
What happens when you recycle a milk carton? Cartons are transported to paper mills and recycling plants where they become new products like boxes, toilet paper and even ceiling tiles.

Press Release

AF&PA Responds to EPA Rule on Boiler MACT

July 21, 2022
The EPA issued the final rule for Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology. While AF&PA appreciates the final rule allowing mills to avoid costly retrofits to many existing boilers, we are disappointed by the agency’s treatment of boilers operating in the last decade as "new."

Press Release

AF&PA Releases June 2022 Packaging Papers Monthly Report

July 20, 2022
Total packaging papers & specialty packaging shipments in June decreased 4% compared to June 2021. They were essentially flat (+0.0%) when compared to the same 6 months of 2021.
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